Vocational training and education is key driving factors for successful implementation of Vietnam’s Socio-Economic Development Strategy with vision to 2030, which is based on knowledge economy with key objectives including start-up nation, sustainable development, and innovation. It should be well recognized that opportunities for prosperous and sustainable development of a nation, of every single enterprise and individual are driven by quality of human resource with expertise, knowledge and high qualifications, good sense of disciplinary working attitude.

Recently, although physical infrastructure and teaching facilities have been significantly improved, a lot of efforts have been put into continuous and advanced training, the labor forces have been provided opportunities to acquire practical experiences and access to new technologies, capacity of managerial and technical staff as well as science and technology capacity… of Vietnam’s vocational training and education institutions remain out of date compared to other countries in the region and globally.

Thus, vocational training and education should be strengthened to catch up in the science and technology areas which are vital for the improvement of management capacity, technology, national competitiveness as well as capability to respond to and address global issues including climate change, epidemic diseases, hunger and poverty, healthcare…

To achieve the above mentioned goals and to address the existing gaps, the community of private young entrepreneurs commits to contribute its intellectual and material resources, to create linkage on vocational training among enterprises, and with vocational training and education institutions, to participate constructively and positively in dialogues with authorities to improve the legal environment, support the comprehensive development of vocational training and education institutions toward international standards in order to generate sustainable advantages on human resources and national competitiveness.

In pursuance to the Central Resolution 29 in 2013, “Vocational training and education must be innovated fundamentally and comprehensively toward modernization, sustainability and integration”, at this Private Sector Forum, we would like to call upon members of business community to contribute to meeting the following objectives:

1) To light up the will to contribute by practical actions and specific resources in the development of education and vocational training for every citizen;

2) To provide policy advice and recommendations to increase government and enterprises’ investment in advanced and potential areas to develop skillful and qualified labor forces;

3) Establish mechanism for linkages, proactive orientation and purchase order mechanism for Vietnamese education and vocational training institutions in order to enable them to provide high added value services, create breakthrough technologies, useful solutions, new and unique products and innovative production and business methods, meeting the requirements of economic integration, focusing on creating as well as applying intellectual property rights and science and technology transfer.

We would like to call upon national and international partners to collaborate with the Association, to support private sector to implement programs, activities to connect enterprises with education and vocational training sector in order to achieve the objective on the development of national fundamental qualification.

We fully acknowledge and highly appreciate valuable and practical contribution from, and would like to call upon, international organizations, diplomatic and economic agencies and other organizations to continue intensifying support to the education and vocational training innovation and integration process in Vietnam.

We would like to call upon the private sector, education and vocational training institutions in Vietnam to work closely together to create a strong linkage among research – education, vocational training – business and production sectors, to ensure and increase the effective use of qualified human resources, addressing practical needs and requirements of businesses in each sector/location, to apply researches into business and production. Among those, it is necessary to develop and apply standards to jobs, qualifications, working titles.

The private sector is willing to dialogue with relevant parties on policy making, development of practical action plans, with specific resources for socialization to achieve the objectives; commits to participate in the development of mechanism, to proactively provide long-term investment and implement policies on human development, through adequate approaches to recruitment, capacity building, rewarding, to make effective use of the human resources and maintain good contact with education and vocational training sector.

The business community would like to recommend the government to initiate a vision, a National Overall Long-Term Program on Human Resource Development, which is systematically linked to effective solutions throughout the process of projection, development, planning and implementation of science technology and socio economic strategies, plans and policies in Vietnam in the coming time. Throughout this process, interdisciplinary coordination among the Ministry of Education and Training, the Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs and the Ministry of Science and Technology is crucial.