Hanoi, June 3rd 2016

We have Vietnamese from across this great country, including so many young people who represent the dynamism, and the talent and hope of Viẹtnam.

Speech of President of the United States of America Obama in Vietnam. 2016.

We, members of VietnamYoung Entrepreneurs Association, along with private enterprises are interested in the rights and responsibilities of PE, especially young enterprises and SMEs with the aim of enhancing the quality and growth of the Vietnamese Economy as well as ebstablishing a common forum for Vietnam’s private enterprises.

Vision: After two decades of integration aligned with ‘innovation’,  comparing statistics in 1995 and 2015, GDP per capita of Vietnam has increased by 8 times from $ 289 to $ 2,228. In comparison with others, GDP per capita of Singapore has increased from $ 20,000 to $ 80,000 while Thailand’s from $ 1,550 and to $ 5,800, an increase of 4 times and 3.6 times respectively. The growth rate of Vietnam is double that of its two other neighbors. However, the income gap has been widened significantly, with $ 60,000 lower than Singapore and $ 2,301 lower than Thailand.

Fully aware of the encouraging achieved results, private businesses understand thoroughly their responsibilities to deal with the major threats of being left behind. Private enterprises know that, it’s now or never. If we are not brave and skilful enough to grasp upcoming chances, growth of economy will slacken off.

At this forum, private enterprises declare:

  1. The Forum agrees with the thematic statements. The Forum gives the right to turn the forum’s statement into an official document for reference in the form of a white book to the Organizing Committee along with the
  2. With the approval of government departments, especially the concrete guidance of Deputy Prime Minister Vuong Dinh Hue on behalf of Government, to establish dialogue mechanism between private enterprises and government officials. Private enterprises express deep gratitude to the Deputy Prime Minister and ministries for their direction and practical support. In consultation and dialogue, the objective is to upgrade the legal framework and business environment, the goal is to facilate business activities. This will be measured through national credit ranking and the country’s rank in the world scoring in terms of vocational training, national competitiveness etc.
  3. More than ever before, private enterprises need an organization to connect, synthesize and develop self-assessment programs in terms of weaknesses and their own needs for cultivating, upgrading skills and business standards in order to create and implement appropriate projects for the private sector, engage in dialogues with the government or public agencies, and manage cooperation with international partners.
  4. Cooperation with international partners has an enormous potential to bring in knowledge, practical experiences and opportunities to access technology and other resources. However, private enterprises have to date not benefited significantly from international The prior reason is the lack of initiative and professional apparatus of private sector capable of effectively organizing these activities.
  5. Private enterprises have assigned the Organizing Committee and Vietnam Young Entrepreneurs Association to set up a Secretariat of the National Private Enterprise Forum. Secretariat will organize the implementation of activities outlined in Section 2-4. Firstly, along with central government bodies, they will consult and dialogue in a constructive and active way. Secondly, they will organize activities to enhance capability of Vietnamese private sector, especially young entrepreneurs and SMEs. The Secretariat shall prepare and publish an interim report, assess the implementation of the Forum in the following years.
  6. The Declaration raises a series of content attracting general attention. This joint Declaration reminds only of some issues mentioned in the thematic, which is:
  7. Public governance and business administration are crucial tools for development and measurement of the growth The improvements will create extremely effective tools for rapid and sustainable growth.
  8. Education and vocational training have many inadequacies which are creating boundaries for enterprises to grow and posing urgent needs for solutions. Private enterprises should take the initiative to organize human resources training, link between training and practice, scientific research, technological innovation and application. Furthermore, they should recommend practical, visionary and workable measures to the Government. They should focus on awareness, training life skills associated with vocational and advanced skills.
  9. Digital economy is creating a network of administration at all levels. Digital Economy is associated with professional qualifications and communication skills with the popularization of foreign languages as the priority. Fast-growing digital economy is what Vietnam has the leading competitive advantages in with high value added rate and opportunities to reach beyond Vietnamese borders (instead of being overwhelmed by other countries). There should be centralized strategy for digital economy as a breakthrough sector, tied with ‘National innovative entrepreneurship program’.
  10. At a stage of development being equivalent to current level of Vietnam, many countries have implemented strategies for industrial development and support, linked areas and participated in the whole universal value chain. Private enterprises have made recommendations on planning strategies to contribute to the development of science, technology and key industrial sectors associated with industrial support, and multi-dimensional links.
  11. Forum also reminds private enterprises of limited knowledge and lack of interest in exploiting technology through access to intellectual property rights, useful industry solutions as well as those with intangible commercial value.
  12. The next Forum will review and assess results in comparison with proposed statements, can add or adjust to reflect practical, effectiveness and possibilitiy in accordance with conditions annually. During and after sessions, reports should be given to the Organizing Committee and Secretariat. Information should be provided and dialogue and consultation implemented as well as suitable cooperation with functions and tasks assigned.
  13. The Forum deeply appreciates the support of the Office of the Government, Australian Government, Asian Development Bank, MBI and private organizations for their backing and sponsorship of this program. This forum highly acknowlegdes the valuable contributions of the speakers, representatives of organization, the President and members of Organizing Committee, the Secretariat, Capella company along with all organizations and individuals that we are not able to name, who contributed to the success of the first Vietnam Private Sector